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Malaysia ☀️Summer 2018 Anime Season Simulcast List

Watching Anime Officially Cannot Be That Hard!(Updated 27 July)

No, It is not, and this list will help you find the ways to watch them
 The Spring Anime Season is now over and done with and Summer seasons have begun! While the Summer season(50+) doesn't have as many new series when compared to the Spring Season (~80), but that doesn't mean that we don't have plenty of great anime to watch, and some of them are even available officially here in Malaysia. Not saying this is absolutely the only anime you should be watching, but helping out the Industry does give a warm feeling to yourself. The list will be updated as more simulcast are confirmed. So let's get on with it. 

But before that,
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On to the list!
Malaysia's ☀️Summer 2018 Anime Season Official Simulcast List! *IN ALPHABETICAL ORDER* Note -Animax is available on Astro Ch. 715 and Unifi tv Ch. 472
-Animax on Demand is available to Animax Subscribers via AstroGo and Unifi TV H…